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Biometric certification of photos:
we verify and guarantee that the person on the photos is the one with whom you communicate.
How ? By comparing in real time the profile photo and the photo sent at the moment T.
No fake photos, no fake profiles, no scams.
find out more:
Your data is stored in Switzerland, on the most secure servers in Europe.


➔ Access the best chat system in the dating industry.
➔ Securely share your phone numbers, email addresses, social networks, videos, photos.
➔ Send personalized messages: your layout is preserved.
➔ Communicate worldwide: messages translated into 66 languages in one click.
➔ Use your favorite emojis(2D and 3D).
➔ Find your match based on photos of your ideal match
➔ You have a profile page and a stunning personal blog.
➔ You can publish on the blog of the community.
➔ You are rewarded by free credits each time you make a new friend.


100% real profiles and verified by our team, with the latest technologies.

How it works

The most powerful features of the web, simply at your service.
Datesyndicate is the international dating site powered by artificial intelligence: find here in a few clicks the partner of your dreams, corresponding to your criteria intellectual and physical (based on a photo of your ideal male/female).

Share your social networks, phone numbers, email addresses, contact details video chat in your messages, on our secure network hosted on the most safe servers of Europe.
Try now here.

Do not waste time and demand the biometric certificate of your interlocutor. His identity will be immediately verified and you will thus have the assurance that he (she) is indeed the same person as the one in the profile pictures.
Our artificial intelligence system detects and removes any false certification.
Check it here.

Register in three minutes flat, validate your registration by clicking on the link that we send you by e-mail (don't forget to check your spam box, you never know). The activation of your account will be done within 2 days: the time for your profile to be verified by our team.
Notice to scammers: don't waste our time, one cannot fool a robot.
Above, a random selection of our members: refresh the page to see other profiles.

"Always strive for quality, whether to give or to receive".
Walt disney

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The Datesyndicate team.

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